1. The Creed of A Nigerian Patriot

Nigerian National Pledge
I pledge to Nigeria my country,
To be Faithful, Loyal and Honest,
To serve Nigeria with all my Strength,
To defend her Unity,
And uphold her Honor and Glory,
So help me God.

Nigerian National Anthem
Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria‘s call obey,
to serve our fatherland, with Love and Strength and Faith.
The labor of our heroes past, shall never be in vain,
to serve with Heart and Might, one nation bound in Freedom
Peace and Unity,
O God of creation, direct our noble cause
Guide our leaders right, Help our youth the truth to know
In Love and Honesty to grow, And living Just and True
Great lofty heights attain, To build a nation where Peace
And Justice shall reign

© 2018 – Nigerian Patriot.  All rights reserved

Published by

Nigerian Patriot

I'm a Nigerian citizen who strongly believes that the solution to the positive growth of the Nigerian nation rests on re-awakening the long forgotten spirit of patriotism in the mind of every Nigerian. 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'- President JFK (20th January, 1961). Although this is a quote lifted from the inaugural address of the 35th American President, it is the best description of the mental attitude of a Patriot. Blog site minimum update frequency: Monthly

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