10. The Nigerian Population: A Growing ‘Hydra’ With Potentials, Worthy Of Note. Part II Of Part II

Continued from Part I of Part II

….In addition, there is a unhealthy scramble for available limited resources. The load of social welfare responsibilities appears an overwhelming burden on any effort by the government to contain the situation. Simple waste management can be an odious task. There is an undue pressure on the ecosystem because of large clusters of citizens in poorly planned areas of settlement whether urban or rural. The list of disadvantages as well as illustrating real life examples within the domain of our country are endless.  

Within the Nigerian space, our attitude seems very oblivious of the threat of our currently poorly managed large population to our wellbeing and the future of our generation.

We are often enmeshed in needless debates of no real productive consequence such as: Mr. A, from ‘tribe’ B is occupying position C in a state D where the person is not an ‘indigene’. Amazingly, such topics usually occupy the Nigerian polity for months, distracting everyone from realistically addressing cogent and serious issues.  

Another reality worthy of note is that with each passing day of our folly with distractions, our population adds a frightening addition to the current figure of 200 million which is presumed to be the estimate figure at the time of this write-up.

The very disturbing side of our irrelevant discussions is that the daily increase in the national population of Nigeria is not waiting on our decision to rise to responsibility; neither is it waiting on the hope that one day, a Heaven sent messiah would appear, wave a magic wand, and all will be well. There is a daily steady swell in our numbers with the dawning of each new day in our country Nigeria and there is a desperate need for us to consciously and collectively act to contain it.

The consistent failure on our part to manage this current figure, definitely means that we cannot manage larger numbers successfully.

Our current objections to take action, which may border on religious, customary, or personal sentiments, will not change the currently unpleasant scenario, or the reality of a more disturbing future.

There aren’t enough schools, enough roads, enough hospitals, and enough hostel accommodations in our schools, settlements are opening up at a much faster pace than the government is able to develop or implement any sensible plan that can conveniently accommodate the population in such areas. This often creates a very chaotic challenge on the long run between land owners and the Government in such settlements. The list of issues arising from the poor management of our humongous population goes on and on.

These issues find relevance in our habit of neglect and lack of planning. If not for our negligent culture of excessive importation, one day some day, there might not be enough food to go round in our beloved country Nigeria!!! This is an embarrassment of magnanimous proportions for a Country that was once the pride of Africa.

Moving forward, hopefully it is easier for any reader to appreciate the fact that our population can be likened to the monster hydra mentioned in the beginning which needs to be contained in order to harness the enormous positive side of its potential. We just can’t kill it. It must be dealt with, and the sooner we all wake up to that realization, the better for our present and future.

Our Government policies and actions can learn from nations mentioned in preceding paragraphs that have been able to manage their population to the advantage of productive development.

As citizens, we should enlighten ourselves thoroughly on the subject matter to understand that such policies and actions are in the best interest of our country Nigeria and not any attempt of nefarious intent by any politician. In addition, we should all appreciate that the mental profile required to deal with this issue should be devoid of any religious, tribal, political, or regional bias.

Our fast growing population is a serious issue that needs a careful and timely handling if there can be any hope of achieving the Nigerian dream.

Arise O Compatriots…

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