11. Patriot Alert 7: Citizens On Patrol (COP) – The Foundation Of Our National Security In Nigeria.

Way back in time, the game of football was officiated by a single Center Referee and two Assistant Referees. This was until the evolution of the V.A.R (Video Assistant Referee) technology introduced untold sanity into officiating the game. The V.A.R is a background crew of Referees who attend to the game through the Center Referee from a Control Center. The end result is a game with little or no margin for officiating errors.

The inference drawn from the illustration above highlights the powerful efficiency achieved, whenever a majority is involved in any action within a system. Recall that a centipede would naturally navigate in the direction of motion of a majority of its several tiny legs.

The same logic applies to the issue of national security in any nation. A majority of the citizens must be patriotic enough to display a zero tolerance for anything which as much as whispers the profile of criminal action.

In advanced nations of the world this truth is very evident. Certain instances of actions against criminal intent are initiated by the patriotic civilian populace who escalate emergency calls to ‘911’ as it is observed with the United States as an example. The reason for this trigger is that the collection of very efficient security outfits in such nations cannot do it alone. The strength of their success lies with the collective patriotic actions of the majority of the Citizens.

 Our case in Nigeria ought to follow this logically sound norm; however it must be different considering the myriad of disturbing security challenges currently besieging our nation. Daily occurrences of heart-rending illustrations are so numerous and gory they do not merit mention on this platform. Regardless the reasons behind this sour and unacceptable trend, the fact remains that the priceless value of any single human life must be upheld in the nation of our dream Nigeria.

Our dream Nigeria should be a country where every single patriotic citizen is a Sheriff. This is excluding the already established security outfits: the NPF – the Nigeria Police Force, the NAF – the Nigerian Armed Forces, the DSS – Department of State Security Services, the NDC – the Nigerian Civil Defense Corps etc. We cannot expect the personnel of these outfit to be everywhere within the entire area of Nigeria at all given moments through the day. This is not a realistic expectation.

Our dream Nigeria should be a country where the foundation of effective national security is built around the daily patriotic actions of all citizens. The essence of the spirit of honor behind the profile of the noble Citizens On Patrol is buried in the heart of the Creed of the Nigerian Patriot.

Our dream Nigeria is a country where this massive security ‘VAR’ constantly maintains a vigilance which ensures that any criminal thought is confined to the mind of the originator and never finds support to translate into actions. Instances of crime should be preemptively contained in our dream Nigeria without a need to fire off a single round of warning shot.

For obvious reasons to a sound mind of rational reason, our collective path toward this dream may lie in mobilizing our Traditional and local government Institutions to coordinate all Nigerian Patriots on this leg of our collective journey to greatness. There is a safe role for every responsible man, woman or child to play which does not literally require patrolling the streets or deviating from pursuing our requirements of daily living. It is possible to structure a system which simulates the ‘covert’ design of the VAR in the game of football, which keeps the identity of the referees in the control room hidden from public view.

Arise O Compatriots…

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Nigerian Patriot

I'm a Nigerian citizen who strongly believes that the solution to the positive growth of the Nigerian nation rests on re-awakening the long forgotten spirit of patriotism in the mind of every Nigerian. 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'- President JFK (20th January, 1961). Although this is a quote lifted from the inaugural address of the 35th American President, it is the best description of the mental attitude of a Patriot. Blog site minimum update frequency: Monthly

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