13. Nigerian 2019 Elections; The Priceless Value Of A Single Human Life.

Your Vote counts, but your life matters more……’-© Nigerian Patriot 2019

The summary dictionary meaning of the word Priceless refers: ‘Having incalculable monetary, intellectual, or spiritual worth’.

A human life is of incalculable intellectual and spiritual worth.

Unfortunately, in our beloved country Nigeria, human lives are the fodder which is used to fuel election chaos. Human lives are wasted through the consequence of each election in our great country in a recurrent manner that is mind blowing. It is very clear that an unhealthy percentage of us do not appreciate the value of the breath of life in each of us.

The process of an election is a fairly simple exercise which is nothing close to Rocket science. The process summarily requires citizens to cast their votes; an election Umpire will count and announce this result. This is a very simple arrangement which works relatively much better in the progressive countries of the world. This arrangement has recorded consistent and dismal failures as it relates to the recurrent loss of lives with each election of such magnitude as we will experience from February 16th 2019.

The priceless nature of a human life and deep thinking ought to avail us with the resolution that there should be no repeat occurrence with the elections of 2019 in Nigeria. The process is not worth the life of any single human being. For anyone who is not in agreement, the question would be to find out if such a person would sacrifice their life in the process rather than some other person who might not know any better. The answer with most normal humans would be an emphatic ‘No!!

Ironically, it is on record that the humans who have lost their lives at different instances of elections in Nigeria mostly do not have a firsthand relationship with the Politician they have committed to sacrifice their lives for. This is akin to madness of the first order.

The politicians on the other hand have parked their Wings of escape through airports across the country, ready to scamper to safety abroad at the slightest sign of trouble. Bearing this in mind, they proceed to charge the polity with brazen audacity through the campaign period by throwing tantrums, war cries and blows. This ploy is fueled by the very dramatic and sensational media industry of our great nation. In progressive countries of the world, their political contemporaries are highlighting their intentions aimed at providing good governance for their citizens with their own campaigns. This is an art of deceptive wickedness at its best.

We all need to realize that the very large population of this country is simply a humongous Family cell called Nigeria. We all drive through the same roads, shop at the same markets, send our children to the same schools, worship in the same churches and mosques etc. Blows, tantrums and war cries were not exchanged at such moments. It is very safe to conclude that if the election process which will involve the same set of people sharing roads, schools, hospitals etc will become a threat to the coexistence of these people, then something is terribly wrong with the process, or the people. Frankly the reason for this twist lies with the latter since the process is given life by the people.

Either ways, we would need to do things differently from February 16th 2019 for a variety of cogent reasons. Top on the list is the quest by the Patriots for a Dream Nigeria. The next reason on the list is the priceless nature of a human life. This list of healthy reasons is limitless.

It is agreeable that disagreements are bound to arise on national issues or indeed issues of the likes of the elections; however this is a normal trend with any family and should not result in the loss of a single citizen.

It is an unthinkable act of patriotic treachery to see two citizens trading blows with each other regardless the reason. It is unimaginable to conceive the scenario to be instigated by another citizen; the politician who is aiming to pilot the affairs of a democratic section of government for reasons which have nothing to do with the development of the citizens.

As mentioned in episode 5: Nigeria Vs Corruption, the battle for a Dream Nigeria is a war of concepts; Patriotic concepts Vs unpatriotic concepts, with each divide of the concept wearing the face of a political participant. A simple litmus test with the national pledge on the action of each participant on this stage play would effectively reveal the patriots and non-patriots in this act.

A critical examination of campaign profile, utterances, actions, body language etc will reveal which side of the patriotic divide our politicians belong. Rest assured, Religious affiliation, ethnic origin, political bias, and any subjective sentiment will not expose the culprits of our predicament. Therefore we need to approach the process with undiluted political objectivity. This can only be achieved by a true Patriot who lives by the code of the National Pledge clear and simple.

The Court of Wise Jurisprudence would recommend that every single Patriot of Nigerian decent lock hands in a tight union to ensure that no single life is lost through the election process of 2019. If we can achieve this, everything else regarding the elections of 2019 would fall into place seamlessly. Arise O Compatriots…..

© 2019 – Nigerian Patriot.  All rights reserved

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