16. Patriots Alert IV: National Productivity And The Non-Diligence Of The Majority. Part I Of Part II

Productivity is the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time. It can also be defined as having the power to create. Diligence is the Persevering determination to perform a task or carefulness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation.

A careful observation of the nations of the world which we aspire to either visit or attain citizenship would reveal that a majority of the citizens are diligent with any task they engage in. The United States of America, England, Dubai, Italy, China, name it. In these countries; the citizens dedicate a careful attitude of paying proper attention and getting the best results with any task.

From the citizen occupying the official position of the Presidency, through to the citizens in the legislative house, or the judiciary, down to the policeman on the streets, the personnel at the power station, the gardener mowing the lawn at public parks, right through to the refuse disposal personnel; at every turn of life; conscientious diligence is on display with the majority. It is no rocket science therefore that such nations are always progressive on the productive axis of life. An exercise in thought for a reason a country with the productivity of China, or India, should experience recession would only leave a person with a headache and very little for an answer.

With such countries, a healthy quantity of products and services utilized on a daily basis within the nation are locally produced, manufactured or sourced; from food items, stationeries, building materials, right through to vehicles and more serious hardware. Whilst such countries do engage in the importation of certain items of necessity, they also engage in the exportation of high quality locally manufactured goods and services. This helps to earn a healthy income and maintain a balance which ensures that issues relating to recession can only be experienced as a result of an extreme miscalculation of ignorance. Such nations of the world with great pride are quick to refuse substandard deliveries on the shores of their country. A heavy frown and penalty would greet any individual who attempts to make such unwanted introductions.

Diligence of the majority ensures that lifeless systems which are driven by human beings work properly.  Diligence of the majority encourages the bloom of an attractive flora of national development on all frontiers. Diligence of the majority guarantees easy connect by the citizens with the patriotic ethics required to sustain the progressive vision statement of such nations. Diligence of the majority discourages the probably unpatriotic minority from abandoning the shores of their own country for any other nation. This minority understands very clearly, that the grass is never greener on any other side except for where they are standing. An illustration of this truth can be found with the Afro-American, some of whom may have complaints regarding a tendency of racist behavior within their country; however, they can never trade the American nation for another. They have proudly adorned the national flag of their great nation with several global achievements….

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