17. Patriots Alert IV: National Productivity And The Non-Diligence Of The Majority. Part II Of Part II

Continued from Part I of Part II ….The narrative of a diligent approach to life within the demarcation that defines our darling country Nigeria is simply tear-jerking. Prior to delving into this disconcerting issue, there is every need to acknowledge the diligent minorities who have daily committed to a diligent approach with life regardless the dispiriting lifestyle of the majority. Top on this list are the citizens of honor who are the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces defined in blog episode 4 as ‘A Proud Symbol of Unrelenting Patriotism’. Others include citizens whose picture illustrations were proudly utilized to buttress the points of blog episode 5 ‘Giving a face to our Noble Country Nigeria’. Indeed there are several Nigerians who define their contribution to daily life on the platform of diligence; however, the numbers are very marginal for a country with an estimate population of 190 million. 


It should be stated in unequivocal and clear terms that the reason behind the popular cliché of most Nigerians that ‘the system does not work’ is simply due to a lack of diligence by the majority of us. It is not due to a curse of divine fate or any remote manipulation by any person of cultist tendencies. In the court of Divine Wisdom, both reasons are simply laughable and ignorantly primitive.

There is no diligence with the Teachers in the schools; half baked graduates are routinely pumped out into the workforce; there is no diligence with the law makers; policies of no relevance are utilized to address serious national issues; there is no diligence with the financial institutions; high denominations and dirty currencies are the order of the day; there is no diligence with the health workers; hospitals are grave yards rather than institutions of health rejuvenation; there is no diligence with the judiciary; serious crimes of corruption are ignored for petty issues of no comparison. Inefficiency is the order of the day, and the entire nation spends its financial resources on mediocrity. The list is endless.

A pause in thought would agree with the conclusion that this lack of diligence is the reason for the low national productivity of the Nigerian nation. There is nothing more or less. The truth remains that until there is a change in this philosophy of neglect and callousness, there can be no hope of real positive change. An uncountable number of investments have been run aground by this unproductive philosophy of nonchalance and negligence. The Nigerian nation is blessed with untold resources which can be likened to the fortunes of the Treasure Island. The Nigerian nation is also blessed with the support of friendly nations and institutions who have tirelessly committed funds to resuscitate the dwindling fortunes of productivity from time immemorial; however, our lack of diligence has made this dream a bridge too far from reality.

Several fruitless experiments ought to have revealed to all of us that there is no shortcut to the application of diligence in all we do. These experiments which can be termed an aimless exercise in the waste of financial resources ought to have taught us the hard lesson that life is not about how much cash rests in our wallets, but on the principles of productivity. Productivity we have learned in this blog episode is a function of diligence.

It is time we collectively revolted against this philosophy of selfish negligence in our daily chores of existence. It is time for the patriotic mindedness of citizens of this great nation Nigeria to stand strong and influence the thoughts of the majority on the right attitude. It is only this change in our character of reasoning which can guarantee that our vision of a dream Nigerian nation remains in realistic view.

On these truths and more, I rest my case.

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