18. The Concept Of African Time: A National Embarrassment

An Embarrassment is the shame a person feels when their inadequacy or guilt is made public. On a national scale, the concept of African time is a national embarrassment of grievous proportions on our dear nation Nigeria. It is a concept brought to bear by a collective decision by the majority never to be neither sincere nor accountable for their statements. It is a concept with a mutual understanding which simply means that we all know we are not going to keep to the schedule of this task.

The big question is the reason behind the schedule in the first place. Everyone forgets as soon as the decision on the schedule has been agreed. If it is an appointment scheduled by 12 noon as an instance; you will definitely not see anyone at the venue at the scheduled time. Everyone will deliberately choose to make a casual arrival at varying intervals of lateness. This is the height of frivolity amongst adults of sound mind.

This strange character of immaturity bears several amusing twists which ought to be very clear in the Court of Common Opinion. It completely defeats the essence of the invention of individual time instruments aka watches, clocks, etc. The invention and application of time monitoring equipment is designed to enable everyone synchronize to any schedule of appointment. It also means that a scheduled arrangement which has been planned in theory can be realized in practice within the time-line scheduled for it. This also implies that a series of dependent schedules which form a part of a whole project can never be achieved as planned right from the blast of the starting whistle; if no one keeps to time.

Another unfortunate and heart rending reality of this strange decision by a majority of Nigerians to simply be tragically funny is that the younger generation are learning this art from us right from birth; so much so that it is now second nature.

It is incredibly amazing and sad to see a group of esteemed Nigerian citizens presiding a meeting which might run into marathon hours; engage themselves through the pains of documenting such meetings; only to deliberately throw each other into a state of complete planlessness the next instant for the sake of ‘African time’. I often ponder the name ‘African time’ because this behavior seems to be mostly peculiar with the Nigerian nation.

It should be little wonder the reason our index of achievements is very low when considering the resources expended.  This attribute of hypocrisy has taught our subconscious minds that the efficacy of the meaning of words no longer matters. Little wonder the profoundly rich words of the National pledge has no consequence in our daily lives. Little wonder the melodious call of the National anthem has consistently fallen on deaf ears. Little wonder the words of our prayers carry no meanings with our actions. Little wonder it is becoming more difficult to find a Nigerian who can pledge accountability for their statements. Little wonder we have almost become the most unserious nation on the planet.

The notorious concept of ‘African time’ has evolved into a national embarrassment and must be unlearned by every single Citizen of this country as a matter of great priority. The plain truth is that there is no Nation on this planet where development can survive on such terrain of hypocrisy and planlessness. This is one of the monsters which has retarded national development with our country in a very subtle manner. Until there is a collective will to act on changing the current narrative of ‘African time’, the future of our dream Nigerian nation remains very bleak.

Arise O Compatriots….

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