20. Patriot Alert 15: The Wisdom Of Patience With Processes Of Life – Achieving Enduring Results In Nigeria. Part I of II

The life we live comprises an aggregate summation of various Tasks. A Task in computing language can be defined as a process or instance of execution of a program. In this context, a program is the process of steps to be taken in completing a goal. Each step in the process has a timeline which may be short or long depending on the requirement for successful completion of the Task.

There are no shortcuts to these timelines, once a desired end result has been determined. Therefore any short circuits to the original path would simple produce a copy of the intended result at varying representations of the target end. The efficacy of the variation would depend on the degree of deviation from the recommended process path. A higher deviation mostly and always produces a very bad copy.

The paragraph above can be illustrated with the primitive tasks and processes of the life we live. A human pregnancy is that mostly runs for nine months. At the end of the duration of steps involved in this process, a child is born. In most normal scenarios, if this terminal stage of the process of pregnancy occurs prior to nine months or afterward, then something has most probably gone wrong.

A second illustration is the farmer’s trade which is based on processes that depend on time and season. The process of growing certain crops may take a couple of months in the case of Maize, Tomatoes, Carrots and other such crops. Some others may run into several months like Cassava, Yam, Sweet Potatoes, and other such crops. There are other crops that would require processes of much longer periods. Any compromise on duration of the time required for the crops to mature for harvest would produce undesirable results.

Agreeably, though the advent of fertilizers may have created an illusion of reducing the timeline of the process of growing crops, the health tradeoff is found in the slight differences with the profundity of the end-product obtained with fertilizer grown crops and non-fertilizer grown equivalents.

The principle of process and time plays out with our domestic chores at home such as the preparation of various foods. An illustration is preparation of the local Pap, which is a process of soaking raw Maize in water over a couple of days, before it is milled and stored. Its preparation requires soaking with water at boiling point. Another illustration can be found with the popular dish Moimoi. This requires soaking raw Beans in water over some hours, milling the Beans and steaming same in tin containers or wrapped in polythene or fresh leaves. Any short cuts to the two processes mentioned above, would produce something different from Pap or Moimoi.

Clearly, the story of the paragraphs above apply with any segment of life, whether it is with the naturally occurring or man-made segment of life. From the Corporate World of the Desk Office, through to the World of Building and Construction, to the abstract World of Policy generation, Penal correction, and the development of Personal or Social skills and ethics; it is the same principle of processes and time. This is the singular reason the proverbial saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ still finds strength of relevance till date.

With this realistic view and understanding of one of the basic concepts of life, the Progressive nations of the world have thrived in productivity and growth. Policies are planned and rolled out with effective processes and realistic timelines; sometimes decades into the future.

The citizens of those countries understand their roles of responsibility and collectively strive to ensure that timelines are always kept in full view of all participants. The onus of a decent sense of accountability is clearly imprinted on the conscience of each person in order to guarantee success. At the end of the day, long lasting and enduring progress is made through the course of time with further upgrades to development standards which have been successfully implemented.

We need to realize that the present day level of development in the progressive nations of the world which we aspire to emulate here in Nigeria did not happen overnight by an aimless chance of wishful thought.

It is as a collective dedication to a methodical plan of development designed and sustained by a firm commitment to continuity that brought them to the point we enviously find them today. Unsurprisingly, some of these plans were perfected decades or centuries ago. 

It is the Wisdom of their patience with the processes of life, that has consistently enabled the citizens of such Nations achieve the remarkable and enviously progressive status they globally bear today.

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