21. The Wisdom of Patience With Processes Of Life: A Key To Achieving Enduring Results Part II Of Part II

Continued from Part I of Part II ….In Nigeria our orientation regarding the concept of Processes, planning and timelines is rather depressingly poor. With the Leadership of the country, the longest lifespan of any process of plan is limited to eight years, which represents two terms of four years each in office. The next administration will jettison the process and everything else on assumption of office.

The youthful student does not realize the fact that education is a continuous process which requires a constant exposure to the educational technique of the school including reading materials throughout the semester; so they ignore the process, and just before an exam they hope that some improvised plan which will mostly depend on a divine assistance of mercy will earn them a good grade.

At work, the inexperienced and half qualified brand personnel who is relative clueless on their service delivery requirements is always ready with all manner of excuses punctuated with polite apologies for not delivering on the specifics of your request. They never realized that service delivery is a learning process with its timelines; it was all about getting a job and making money.

The livestock farmer can’t wait for the maturity of his stock and would rather flood the market with premature livestock just to make money; completely throwing the process of growth to the wind. Same goes for the fruit and crop farmer. Everyone is impatient and things must happen immediately.  The illustrations are so many and we can only make an honest reference of our memory banks to confirm that these observations are true. The ‘get rich quick’ syndrome et al; you name it and we’re doing it.

Even the simple process of queuing up for any reason can only find success either by the use of force or other incentives of some sort. It is never due to understanding of the concept of the Wisdom of Patience with any process of life. Little wonder we have collectively been unable to achieve any enduring progress with our development. We seem sadly satisfied with mediocre progress of snail speed with consoling reminders that since it took the progressive nations centuries to get to their present status, our case should be no different or better. We blindly fail to realize that if the present level of global development was obtainable at that time; their rate of development would have been compared to the speed of light.

There is every need for a collective realization of the fact that without understanding this basic concept of development, we cannot make progress as a nation or individuals. It is therefore expedient for every single citizen to rise up to the occasion of eradicating this great misunderstanding of fact from our thought process.

It is important that we avoid raising our children with this twisted logic of existence for the simple reason that it will not make our collective quest for a dream Nigeria; an enduring reality.

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