30. Patriot Alert 19: Our National Reconciliation – The Dignity Behind Truth, Forgiveness and Justice.

The Characters of Truth, Forgiveness, and Justice can unlock the doors of any Reconciliation Process.

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In simple terms, Reconciliation means reestablishing politely warm and friendly relations between two or more people after a disagreement of ideas or beliefs. It is a mutual process of great responsibility required to achieve the harmonious coexistence of the Participants.

Reconciliation presumes that there has been a degree of breakdown in a relationship and understands the need to restore a Cordial balance. Despite this understanding, the success of any reconciliation process is firmly hinged on the virtuous attributes of Truth, Forgiveness, and Justice.

It is a process that guarantees Healing and promotes Love. In certain instances, it might require an obscene doze of patience and tolerance, however the wealth of healthy Rewards at the end of the process is a worthy justification for the resources committed into any project of Reconciliation.  

While there is no doubt regarding the enormous challenges, which may be interspersed on the honorable road of Reconciliation, a person who is armed with the sword of Truth, the shield of Justice, and the strong body armor of Forgiveness, will surely win the race.

The Sword Of Truth

A person involved in a Reconciliation process would need to genuinely, honestly, sincerely, and truthfully evaluate the facts leading to the disagreement within the innermost chambers of Human Conscience.  Overemphasizing the synonyms of Truth in the preceding sentence brings to bear the enormous weight of this objective attribute of reconciliation, and its priceless value to the entire process. It does not matter if this evaluation is in favor of the person involved or otherwise.

The Armor Of Forgiveness

Wikipedia defines: ‘Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offence. The Victim lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, forswears recompense from or punishment of the offender, however legally or morally justified it might be. The Victim develops an increased ability to wish the Offender well.’ For a person on the path of Reconciliation, the preceding citation is Self explanatory. Please click on this link for further details from the original source of citation.

The Shield Of Justice

A Person involved in a Reconciliation process would need to be reasonable and just with their expectations from other persons involved in the process. The extent of application of this attribute of Justice may be acceptable in the courts of Humans, but most importantly, it must be acceptable in the Divine Courts of the Almighty God. There are no half measures to this statement of Truth. As stated in one of the Maxims of Equity: ‘He that comes to equity must come with clean hands’. The authenticity of this paragraph is further emboldened by countless citations in the Holy Books. These Holy citations are not limited to a single Religion and are beyond the scope of this blog episode.  

Closing Remarks

A deep meditation on the highlights of the preceding paragraphs above clearly indicates that the process of Reconciliation is an honorable act reserved for Noble persons. It is an act reserved for persons whose aim in life is to leave a legacy which can withstand the corrosive rigors time. A feat which cannot be compared to a Will that bequeaths the physical wealth of the entire Universe. It is a feat whose prints can never be erased from the sands of time.  

Reconciliation is a feat that earns the respect of all and sundry. It is a feat that deserves and eventually earns the highest measure of Esteem. It is a feat of great dignity indeed, and worthy of emulation by every single Nigerian citizen for the sake of a better tomorrow within the demarcation of our noble nation.

This post is inspired by the life and times of one of the greatest African Teachers on the subject of Reconciliation: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela   1918-2013.

Arise O Compatriots…

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15 thoughts on “30. Patriot Alert 19: Our National Reconciliation – The Dignity Behind Truth, Forgiveness and Justice.”

    1. First off, kindly accept my sincere apology on my belated response to your very encouraging comments. I remain very grateful for the time you spared to read through the post. Your kind and objective contributions are always infinitely appreciated. Do enjoy the best of the rest of a wonderful weekend.


    1. I have taken time to meditate on this response thoroughly because it requires a depth of understanding that would fail so many.
      I recall that you are the Master Sensei, and remain satisfied with the fact it means everything positive.
      Great thanks for all the support M’friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have a couple of examples which might help others see what you’re talking about.

    I hated my older brother with a passion and he hated me. We finally stopped fighting when I got in a lucky punch at age 14 but it wasn’t until middle age that I saw his side of things, found out that he remembered little of his equally traumatic childhood. We became lifelong friends.

    Many Vietnamese people were given an overwhelming number of reasons to detest Americans during the 20 years that the United States conducted military activities in the southern half of their ancient country arbitrarily divided by foreigners. They had had enough foreign occupations before we even started and the Chinese attempted to reassert their dominance (unsuccessfully) after we left. Yet they are remarkably kind to us would-be colonizers who supported dictatorship after dictatorship and pretended we were fighting for democracy. What’s missing in the story, however, is a general awareness of the facts by the average U.S. person. Without it, I’m not sure this friendliness could really count as reconciliation.


    1. It’s a privilege of great honor for me that you can spare your time of value to make encouraging comments of great insight, with practical examples as helpful illustrations. There’s a whole lot to learn from the Wisdom behind your experiences and knowledge of life. Great thanks for sharing and caring.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear Friend,
        It seems we have quite a few things in common.
        My name is Dave and I’m 73. My father was born in the Ndungu Province of Angola to missionary parents and spent his life with one foot in the United States and the other traveling overseas as something of a non-religious missionary. He lived in Lebanon, Malta, and Thailand and I inherited a much wider and more tolerant view of the world from him.
        I’m really glad you liked my stuff. Thanks for the encouragement you’ve given me.
        Sometimes it feels like I’m pushing against an immovable object composed of ignorance, bigotry, and selfishness, but then I connect with someone and it all seems possible.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re most welcome Dave. My name’s Ernest. I live in Nigeria. It’s my country, and it’s got it’s fair share of mind boggling issues, just like yours, just like nearly everywhere.
        I believe there’s a purpose behind the reason for every season under the Sun. I strive to learn, understand, and contribute whatever can make a positive difference.
        Our meet is my humble pleasure Sir.

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  2. I’ve found a friend in South Africa, as well; an astronomer who, rather than consulting ancient “prophets” to discover what happened in the distant past, is actually looking at this history and discovering unheard of wonders!

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    1. The spirit of learning requires that we ask intelligent questions, conduct insightful research and engage in thoughtful collaboration on our quest to dis-cipher the mysteries of life and gain the understanding required for the positive and collective survival of the Human race. I’ve been reading the awesome book on your site and it’s been an exciting experience so far.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is a significant fly in the ointment of insightful research and thoughtful collaboration which I’m at a loss as to how to overcome.

        When loyalties are challenged and in jeopardy, it seems that even the most intelligent among us are INCAPABLE of logical thought!

        This discovery makes our work extremely difficult … and frustrating … because we must change the loyalties of people before we can change their minds.

        Ironically, loyalty is a wonderful thing and has given us all kinds of wonders. It is when the “us” is a limited “us” such as ownership, religious dogma, and nationalistic fervor, that our minds lose the ability to see around the barriers to understanding that these loyalties create.

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