31. Patriot Alert 20: Crushing Our ‘National Stock Exchange Of Negative Energy’ In Nigeria

Trading Blames never solved a single puzzle of Life. It is an empty expression of Negative Energy.

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For the sake of clarity on the context of this summary post, a Stock Exchange is an organized and regulated financial market where Brokers trade Securities (Shares, Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures, and Commodities). Trade pricing is governed by the forces of Demand and Supply.

The title tag of this post boldly presumes the existence of an unenthusiastic yet subtle character of the mind within the physical demarcation representing our noble country Nigeria. It is a mindset that has gradually found relevance in our national space due to various self appealing reasons.  These reasons inexcusably include ignorance on the dire, long term consequences, of such unpatriotic trait, nor its magnitude.  It is the character of Trading Blames and the accompanying distractions on the real development of our nation.

 A single unit of blame is plainly an accusation that someone is responsible for some lapse or misdeed. It is not the slightest corrective measure of action that can address any possible solution to the identified problem. It is merely an empty expression of negative energy. Negative, because the comments are designed to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions.

Early Origin of the Blame Trade

At the dawn of Independence on October 1960, it can be safely assumed that most citizens were in agreement and support of the project Nigeria. Shortly after, the first national fatal altercation occurred in the Military coup of January 1966. From that point onward, the project Nigeria became the deliberate mismatch of incompatible people by the British colonialists in the minds of a number of Nigerians. The seed of Trading Blames was planted, and the first blemish was cast on the fabric of the noble concept we know as Nigeria, our home Country. It must be restated, that some of the noble reasons behind the ‘partitioning’ of the Nigerian domain by the British have been highlighted in previous blog posts:  12. The Nearly Infinite Potentials of the Nigerian Nation and 23. The Citizens of Nigeria: A People Of Diverse Strength In Colors and Numbers.

Trade Highlights

Presently in our country, most Nigerian citizens will jump to blame any Ruling Government for everything which is perceived wrong within our nation. They clearly fail to realize that governance is the collective participation of every Citizen. It is a collective national process of Responsibility and Accountability.  This is the only means the process of Governance can guarantee a functional System of Integrity.

An unhealthy percentage of Nigerians are quick to blame Compatriots on the opposite divide of ‘regional boundary’ for the state of the misfortunes of our Noble Nation. These include issues bordering on resource sharing amongst other mundane self-driven ‘priorities’. The Blame Traders fail to realize that the essence of representation with the legislative arm of our democratic system is to guarantee a measure of national balance albeit an imperfect equilibrium.

In the full view of National and International media platforms, Legislative sessions which ought to display a Patriotic sense of constructive debates are watered down to non productive bickering and comic drama. The Legislator’s Constituency never sees a need to hold their own elected Representative accountable. It appears more acceptable within the context of the Nigerian space to blame another Compatriot on the basis of a perceived ‘ethnic’, ‘religious’, ‘tribal’, ‘political’, demographic, or genetic bias.

With Nigeria, the list of ‘plausible’ objections as justification can be endless.

Currently, the divisive Blame diatribe is visible on all fronts and in all fields of endeavor in our groaning Nation. Aside the Political system, it is in our decaying Education system, with the loop of Blame tossing between the Government, the Lecturers and the Students, it is in our divisive Religious character with the loop of Blame tossing between Religious groups, and Institutions. It is nested in the heart of our massively careless road habits, with the loop of Blame tossing between the Commuters, the Transporters, and Road traffic officials. It is behind the mayhem that currently defines the security wellbeing of our Nation.

Blame trading is behind the tattered status of a National economy and a poor Infrastructure profile that was once among the celebrated prides of Africa. Trading blames appears to have blinded us on the urgent need to collectively change the circumstance of our National dilemma. 

Closing Remarks

There is no denying the fact that Blame Trading has become a huge negative concept of the mind within the Nigerian space. A despicable attribute boldly utilized to side-step Responsibility and Accountability.

The apparent market value of this holocaust is deliberately nurtured by nefarious Nigerian Citizens who understand how to manipulate the thirst and wrapped interest of ignorant Compatriots with the ‘right’ indicators of demand and supply required to sustain the viability of the Blame Exchange Market.      

Under the baffled glare of the International Community, which includes other African Nations that previously had the pleasure of strong Respect and Admiration, we could certainly be likened to the bad workman who cast the blame of failure on his tools rather than himself.

The glare of our Children and Generations to follow, would regretfully tag us as grand failures devoid of the most remote element of maturity, wisdom and constructive reasoning.

As a Nation, we are still blessed with the landmass, and natural resources required to reverse the trend of the currently frightening narrative.  We are still endowed with the strength of diversity in the Human intelligence capacity required to command the untold wealth of the Nigerian Potential in our favor. Yes, as a united Nation, we can still make a change for a prosperous future.

In conclusion, assuming we could bury our hatchets of blame and embrace the action of selfless Patriotic love, the solutions to our seemingly complex cross word puzzle of National issues, would light our path to Success.   

On the truths of the summary highlights above, and more, I rest my case on the dire collective need to crush the National Stock Exchange of Negative Energy in Nigeria. It is simply a Trade platform which is given the credit of relevance by the ignorant minds of a majority of Nigerian Citizens.

Arise O Compatriots…

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