32. Comparing The Graceful Finesse Of Patriotism Against The Brute Naïveté Of Nationalism

The spirit of Nationalism does not bear the decency to tow the moral lines of Patriotism

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There are broad and controversial definitions for the terms Patriotism and Nationalism. This summary blog episode highlights the distinctive differences in the attitude and mindset of a Patriot in comparison to a Nationalist. It is a personal, albeit informed opinion of the author and is designed as a guiding standard which must not be necessarily accepted by all readers.


Patriotism is a love for one’s own country and countrymen. It is a love for the inherent goodness of the values that guide the system of Government and its people. It is a love that accommodates criticisms from other nations which can inform improvements to its value system. Patriotism understands the concept of collaboration and coexistence with other nations in order to solve shared problems and develop shared interests. Patriotism is informed by an objective knowledge of decent moral values.

Nationalism is a blind loyalty for one’s own country. It is an irrational belief system of a citizen that their country is superior to all others. It is a stubborn devotion to the values that guide the system of Government and its people regardless of the moral deficiencies of these values. Nationalism does not accommodate criticisms from other nations, nor tolerate coexistence with other nations.

Distinctive Features

A Patriot and a Nationalist can make the ultimate sacrifice on the parallel ideologies defined above; however it is crystal clear that they are not working in synergy toward a common goal.

History can bear witness, that it was the nationalistic mindset of Adolf Hitler and his infamous Nazi regime which was driven by the concept of racial supremacy that triggered the Second World War. History also bears witness that the nationalistic profile of the defunct apartheid regime of South Africa was a grave issue of global concern in the wake of the chaos and tragedy which trailed the existence of the ideology.

It is pertinent for a person to make a clear distinction between Patriotism and Nationalism in order to be morally informed in attitude when relating with others (whether compatriots or foreigners) and in the refinement of aptitude.

The vision of a Patriot is driven by a sense of responsibility which understands that even though their roots of origin maybe tied to a particular country, they are an intricate part of a larger global community. It is this realization that stirs the passion of a Patriot to ensure a collective positive and peaceful collaboration of the Human race toward ensuring the survival of the planet Earth.

The vision of a Patriot understands that the survival of the planet Earth would always guarantee a platform of existence and continuity of life for the Human Race: the generations they would leave behind.

This vision ultimately understands that though each of us may bear passports identifying us as citizens of different countries, every member of the human race is a bona fide citizen and Patriot of the planet Earth.

The perspective of the vision of a Nationalist is limited strictly to the boundaries of the ideals that define their country.

Closing Remarks

A deep reflection on the paragraphs above would avail all Nigerian citizens, and indeed any reader the knowledge that imbibing the character of Patriotism would greatly assist our effort toward building a peaceful and productive Nigerian nation. The character of Patriotism would also assist us in fostering better relations with neighboring Nations and the World at large.

On these truths and more, I rest my case on comparing the graceful finesse of Patriotism against the brute naïveté of Nationalism.  

Arise O Compatriots…

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Nigerian Patriot

I'm a Nigerian citizen who strongly believes that the solution to the positive growth of the Nigerian nation rests on re-awakening the long forgotten spirit of patriotism in the mind of every Nigerian. 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'- President JFK (20th January, 1961). Although this is a quote lifted from the inaugural address of the 35th American President, it is the best description of the mental attitude of a Patriot. Blog site minimum update frequency: Monthly

9 thoughts on “32. Comparing The Graceful Finesse Of Patriotism Against The Brute Naïveté Of Nationalism”

    1. I am highly humbled by your nomination. Yes, it is a great honor I can never turn down. My sincere apologies for the late response. I’ve not been online all day.
      I am also motivated beyond words by your kind and inspirational comments. Infinite thanks.


  1. While I see your point between Nationalism and Patriotism, love can be as blind as hate. While I memorized the US Declaration of Independence of 1775 and the Gettysburg Address of 1863, I only recently woke up to the embedded dishonesty. We didn’t even begin to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” until 1920! Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves, didn’t free them or their children, and made laws against helping slaves escape. This was a glaring exception to his declaration, “all men are created equal and endowed … with … liberty….” For over 50 years, I didn’t see it!! Furthermore, it took until the 1960s for that “equality” so eloquently stated in 1776 to start to become reality and we still have a ways to go. And I still haven’t talked about the plight of Native Americans and their unfair and unequal treatment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am deeply inspired you could spare your time of value to visit, read, and comment on this post.
      I share an ideal vision of life where every human being is accorded an equal right of freedom of existence. Sadly, there are people who think differently for reasons best known to them and for the moment, such humans remain beyond my sphere of influence.
      For this reason, I have painfully come to realize that in the world we live, achieving this feat of change is a process of patience, sacrifice, perseverance and collective action on the part of those of us who are Justice oriented in the real sense.
      The disturbing observations with your country is a global trend. In some countries the dimension is more frightening. Yet we should never give up on this noble cause of effecting a positive change to the advantage of Humanity. It could be perceived a difficult challenge, yet it is not an impossible feat to achieve. I strongly believe that It is the trickles of sincere individual positive efforts that will make a collective global difference.
      I am glad to connect with your blog, and remain grateful for your constructive comments on mine. The discussion continues. Enjoy the best of today.


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