36. Empowering Nigerian Youths – The Productive Advantage of Controlled Community Development Centers Part 2 of 2.

Without essential skills, a person who has attained the age of employment does not necessarily mean they are employable.

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Continued from Part 1

At the end of a cycle of beneficiaries, a percentage of the income generated by the CCDC is given to the graduating participants to go start off their own small scale trade, while the remaining amount is recycled back into the center.  

For an illustration with a single community: CCDC A could be focused on fish farming. CCDC B could be focused on Catering services and CCDC C could be focused on poultry.

The productive effect of this concept can be appreciated using CCDC A which is focused on fish farming. It will recruit the local youths of employable age for a cycle of perhaps 4/5 months. We could assume that the center can produce 20 tons of fish and engage 60 youths of employable age within this period. Another important assumption is that the center is managed by competent personnel who have a diligent and professional approach on the job.     

The gains to the beneficiaries, the community, and continuity of the center are briefly highlighted below.

  1. One-off direct transfer of the knowledge of fish farming to the beneficiaries and a residual transfer of this knowledge to the immediate member of the community by graduating beneficiaries when they leave the center.
  2. Provide the end product in surplus quantity to the community. The CCDC has a minimum annual productive capacity of 40 tons.   
  3. Reduce the unit price of fish in the community.
  4. Provide financial empowerment for an annual graduating minimum number of 120 beneficiaries with a realistic opportunity of self employment at the end of their program.
  5. Provide employment opportunity and income revenue for the workforce required to drive different areas of the CCDC .
  6. Promote within the community, the residual growth of a variety of retail small scale business opportunities revolving around the product (fresh fish resellers, smoked fish resellers, roast fish resellers, cold rooms etc)
  7. Provide income for the CCDC which can be recycled into sustaining the productive continuity of the concept.
  8. Redirect the potentially resourceful mind of the youthful majority away from the current negative consequence of idleness to the creative subject of fish production and improvements.
  9. Create a sense of belonging within the mind of the youthful majority as an integral part of national development and reduce the restive consequence of feeling neglected by the empowered class of the population.
  10. Open a trade gateway with other communities as a one-stop-shop fish center.

Closing Remarks

The advantages highlighted above, makes a strong case for the CCDC as a viable and realistic solution which can contribute a considerable measure of relief to the currently unemployed youthful majority of our nation. It is a concept which can find useful application for the educated and uneducated persons of this population group.

A sincere commitment on the part of all essential key players would productively engage the massive strength of our idle and restive youthful majority who are currently engaged in all manner of social vices within the society ranging through drug abuse, prostitution, thuggery, gambling, kidnapping, thefts, rumor mongering, rioting, etc.

Hopefully, the content of this summary post may stir our thoughts on the gains of the CCDC as one of the several effective ways to productively engage our youths of employable age in Nigeria.  

Arise O Compatriots…

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