27. Our Cardinal Responsibility: Consolidating On The Wellbeing of Our Children, Our Generation, And Our Future

Our Children may be the Leaders of tomorrow, but they are the consequence of our actions today.

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For the purpose of this summary blog episode, a cardinal responsibility can be defined as the vital part of a social force that binds a person to the course of actions required by a concept.

As an instance, Parenting ideally places a binding social force on a Father and Mother to the concept of properly raising their children. Similarly, a position of Leadership ideally places a binding social force on a person in such a position toward the concept of properly administering the followers. With this understanding, it is a lot easier to appreciate the fact that the life we live is an aggregate transient intertwine of responsibilities which is a function of Roles and Time. Roles change with time, and time changes the roles of all participants in this equation of the cycle of life.

A new born child starts off life as a cardinal responsibility of the parents, from the age of a teenager, the essential responsibility of the parents toward the child starts fading off as the child tries to assert independence of self. From an adult age, the role of responsibility between parent and child starts a gradual reverse trend as the parents advance in wear and age, while the child consolidates on life with the youthful strength of early adulthood. At some point in this cycle of responsibilities of life, the parents become the cardinal liability of their children.  

The brief analysis in the paragraphs above represents the transient nature of the basic cycle of responsibilities interweaving through varying age groups and generations of life. As stated above, the entire life as we currently know is an aggregate function of how individual family cells, groups, and nations understand and handle this knowledge of fact for the continuity of positive development.

At any point in time, the fate of a generation to come largely depends on the positive lessons which have been imparted to it by the generation before. These lessons could be the good achievements of the earlier generation or positive insight into the errors of their ways. This has mostly been the culture of life with the productive nations of the world we strive to emulate.  This principle of understanding behind this culture has transmitted a legacy of development from generation to generation and moved those nations in graceful strides, maintaining positive growth over the decades.

This logic of reason should be no different with our noble country, however a deep observation with the shallow concerns of our generation presents an alarming and disturbing reality.

For very unacceptable reasons, we mostly engage in endeavors which are geared toward preservation of self with little concern regarding the future of our children and absolutely no meaningful thought for the generations to follow.

It may be an easy excuse to point out that the generations before us are to blame for the current predicament regarding our lack of selfless reasoning, however in the court of rational reason, this lame defense will not suffice as justification for us to continue a trend which holds a worse negative consequence for our coming generation. The good health of any interactive system of life requires this attribute of accountable continuity for success and there are no half measures.  

There is an endless list of unsavory illustrations which can describe the hopelessness and moral emptiness regarding the sort of legacy our current line of actions could bequeath to our children.

Our philosophy of magnifying the differences of our nation on multiple ethnic, religious, and political boundaries has eaten deep into our conscious minds. It has blinded us from attending to issues of great importance such as the fate of our future leaders.

The effect of the gradual decimation of a standard educational system is a daily experience when reconciling the thought process behind the actions of most Nigerians on the job. This can clearly be observed daily as the work force which graduated through an incompetent educational system struggles for productive relevance in most spheres of endeavors in life.

There is hardly any system within the country with performance levels in line with globally accepted standards. We have mostly accepted the poor quality of the local services available to us with varying degrees of emotional compromise and understanding.

There is no collective plan or effective strategy regarding projecting realistic milestones for the survival of the rapidly growing population of the country. The quality of available relevant basic infrastructure required for human development is also way below globally accepted standards: frequent power outages, bad roads, and mediocre health facilities.

Our largely uncaring attitude to the issues of our time, our space and our future may suggest that our nation could become a wasteland if there is no drastic change in our current attitude toward the fate of our younger generation.   

Whilst it is mostly evident that most Nigerians would rather sidestep the humongous issues which need to be made right with the hope that we could wake up one morning and they are all gone, it must be emphasized that it is only our collective strength of Patriotic action that can make an enduring difference.

We collectively need a resounding reminder that in the face of a continuous down slide with the fortunes of our existence due to our inaction, the children we presently adore, and generations to follow would be engaged in an unimaginable predicament far worse than our current experience. They would definitely cast an unforgivable blame on each of us for their circumstance.

With the insight gained from this summary blog episode, it would be very uncaring of us to show no sincere concern and action of effort at changing the current trend of misfortune which has befallen our nation for the sake of these innocent young lives that currently believe and trust that their wellbeing and their future, is our cardinal thought and responsibility.

Arise O Compatriots…

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