24. The Refined Differences Between The ‘Masses’ And The Citizens Of A Nation.

The term ‘Masses’ could mean a casual reference to the common people of any society, it could also mean an ill structured collection of similar objects or people. It is a word frequently used in discussion topics of governance by most Nigerians when referring to the majority of the 190 million people who are allegedly downtrodden and not a part of the architecture of governance or beneficiaries of affluent living. This unsavory word is ignorantly used by most Nigerian citizens in reference to themselves and their place of belonging in their own Country.

The term ‘Citizens’ on the other hand refers to all the natives or naturalized members of a nation, state or other political community. It conveys a more deserved intimate feeling of belonging, interaction and expectations from the Parent entity. It also exposes the rather subtly derogatory and uncaring profile of the word: ‘Masses’.

The people of progressive nations prefer the use of the word ‘Citizens’ in reference to their own persons rather than the tasteless word ‘Masses’ which carries the uncaring undertone of abandonment.

The people of such countries interact with their nation with an understanding that they are the individual building blocks of a whole entity which is their country. They have a full understanding of their rights as citizens and intelligently express this understanding with different issues of their national existence.

In such countries, capable citizens occupy positions of capacity on the strength of merit, as a result they diligently dispense the responsibilities of such positions with a firm and sincere commitment of not failing their compatriots whose contribution regardless the scale also sustains the survival of their nation. This system guarantees that everyone is accountable to everyone and there are no sacred positions reserved for a ‘privileged’ class of citizens. Regardless who it is, the system is built on an objective system of merit.

A nation mostly comprised of ‘Masses’ of people tells a completely different tale of emptiness with a National identity. Their voice is mostly unheard as it falls consistently on the deaf ears of a greedy minority who are tagged ‘the big men’. The ‘big men’ feel they are the rightful heirs to benefit from the vast resources of our nation. They are the first class citizens while the rest of us belong to a class of no consequence. This is our case in Nigeria.

The ‘Masses’ of Nigeria literally feed off the crumbs which falls off the table of a few self acclaimed immortals as they shamelessly dine on our common wealth which should be utilized for the productive benefit of every Nigerian citizen.

It is very sad to note that the psyche of the ‘Masses’ in the Nigerian space appears content with this loathsome arrangement and diligently keeps faith with empty grumbles that lack the bite of constructive actions which change their plight.

The ‘Masses’ are in absolute ignorance of the massive effect of their strength in numbers, as result, there is a non-existent willpower to collectively think differently and act differently.

The affairs of our nation are decided by the selfish greed of the ‘big men’ while the rest of us are abandoned to the frustrating consequences of our self-made dilemma of accepting that we are the voiceless and inconsequential ‘Masses’ of Nigeria.

The frustration of accepting the mindset that we are the ‘Masses’ of Nigeria is the reason we all want to run away from our country to foreign lands where we hope to find acceptance and hope of a better life. It is the reason we never have anything good to say about our noble nation. We have consistently failed to realize that if we can reverse this psyche of self pity, we can find the acceptance and better life we seek outside, right here in our home country.

In conclusion, a corrective action would require a lot of education and enlightenment on our part regarding what it really means to be a Nigerian citizen. Our Mass media industry and educational institutions can pilot this reorientation process of the mind which is required as a first step.

Once we are able to expunge the use of this unwholesome word in reference to ourselves, it would be a lot easier to appreciate that we are esteemed citizens of a noble nation endowed with limitless resources to achieve greatness.

It would be a lot easier to engage the ‘big men’ in a discussion that would change their attitude toward the rest of us in Nigeria.

With this achievement it would be a lot easier to collectively accomplish our quest for the Nigerian dream.

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23. Patriot Alert 17: The Citizens of Nigeria – A People Of Diverse Strength In Colors And Numbers

The Nigerian nation is currently estimated at a population of 190,000,000.

Over 500 languages have been spoken within the demarcation of Nigeria, and this translates into diverse clusters of Ethnic groups.

If the Nigerian nation were an instrument of painting, it would be much easier to discern that this strength in diversity and numbers would translate into a rich toolbox that can bring to bear a nearly infinite count of inspirational designs assuming this toolbox were in the hands of a Master Painter.

It is dishearteningly sad, that we have collectively remained blind to this great gift of fact for the simple reason that we mostly believe that the 500 languages should translate to 500 countries and 190,000,000 citizens should translate into individual states of equivalent numbers.

53 years since the first major national altercation in the 1966 failed coup attempt, we are yet to forgive each other and move on with progressive development rather than continue to tirelessly spin the windmill of disunity.

It would help every single citizen of this nation of any Religious affiliation that believes in the Almighty God, to refresh our consciousness and soothe our bitterness with the prayer below on a daily basis:

This is the only hope of collectively achieving a Win as a people of diverse strength in colors and numbers. 

Arise O Compatriots…

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22. Patriot Alert 16: The Negative Influence of Inappropriate Mass Media Content In Nigeria.

‘The fact that it is trending, does not make it right or decent and the fact that it is not trending does not make it wrong or indecent’
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The Media is popularly referred to as the Mass Communication Industry, esp. Newspaper, Television and Radio. In the modern digital age, this industry includes the global world of the Internet. Dissemination is the distribution of information or content over an area. The summary post highlights the dearth of societal ethics due to the negative influence of inappropriate content disseminated by mass media channels available to us in Nigeria.   

It is a Scientific fact that the human Eyes and Ears are two very sensitive and prominent windows into the Human Mind. The foundation of learning strongly revolves on these two senses and finds relevance with a law of nature which states that Learning is a consequence of constant observation and listening.

The concept of understanding and emulating a trait gains traction and develops form with varying cycles of observation and listening. The speed of assimilation depends on the retentive ability of a person to the audio and visual information they have experienced and varies with different individuals.

The paragraphs above should provide the awareness required to connect with the reason addressed below as a primary contributing factor that is responsible for the sharp decline of simple moral values in our country.

Previously in Nigeria, this was not the case as attested by the very inspiring stories of old times narrated by our elders on their experience with the country in their younger days. They are pleasant stories of a respectful and morally endowed nation across all ages and boundaries.

Something has terribly gone wrong and the questionable moral undertone of the information we experience from the mass communication channels available to us in Nigeria today is mostly responsible for promoting and nurturing this trend.

Currently in Nigeria, from the waking moment of a person until the next sleeping moment, the human mind is constantly assaulted by varying tones of vulgarity with a majority of presentations across the media platforms available to us, especially from the Internet. This presumably trending lifestyle of violence, drugs, sex and disrespect, could become engrained in the subconscious mind over time, and inform the development of inappropriate habits.

Societies are driven by human beings, and it is our attitude and behavior that feeds the moral fabric of the society. Consequently it is very clear that the tragicomic state of reasoning displayed by a majority of individuals in our country can be attributed to the type of media content which their minds have assimilated over time.

The older generation can attest to the fact that the reason they had a far more sane society, was not necessarily due to the absence of immoral tendencies, but the absence of platforms to disseminate such messages of negative influence at the speed and spread obtainable today.

A pause in deep thought would reveal that the social moral fabric of our country has witnessed a steady decline since the introduction of the GSM technology in 2001.

It has become very easy for people to manipulate very deceptive impressions with their locations and activities, a clearly nefarious and deceitful behavior which most Nigerians view as a display of ‘intelligence’.

The decline in our societal ethics gathered super momentum with the advent of the android phone which made it very easy for any ignorant mind to become trapped in a whirlpool of moral decadence at the swipe of a finger. 

A majority of the people who walk around with these digital mobile ‘Oracles’ which they virtually worship all day long are very ignorant on the deeper psychological effect of exposure to the wrong content on their innate process of reasoning.

For the sake of appearing trendy, Parents often ignorantly arm their little children with these very volatile gadgets without caring to activate the child protection features inbuilt into such devices.

This problem is not limited to the internet because the story with the content transmitted through our televisions, radios and newspapers is no different.

The progressive countries of the world whose culture of life we desperately aim to emulate have developed a seasoned sense of responsibility and accountability in their citizens which helps such nations to regulate the excesses of the modern lifestyle of digital gadgets.

The literacy levels in those countries have a spread and depth that cannot be compared to what is obtainable in our country. Regulatory institutions are on top of their game and law enforcement is far more effective.

In such progressive nations, media innovations are introduced after a careful analysis of its summary effect on societal development and citizen Psyche. Intelligent and dynamic policies are developed and enforced to guide the use of such gadgets.

In conclusion, there is an imperative need to change our mediocre mindset toward media disseminations within our national space. We are part of a global system of development and cannot shy away from the fact that while we ought to continue to model the technology of our media industry in line with accepted industry standards, it must be done with a determined sense of responsibility, and a sound strategic plan to enable a healthy integration with the peculiarities of our own national circumstance.

Our media space should be dotted with programs designed to inspire, inform and imbibe a decent character of moral principles on the audience. This would hopefully mitigate the diminishing effect of the so-called ‘trendy’ media disseminations currently decimating the moral fabric of our great nation Nigeria.

Arise O Compatriots….

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21. Patriot Alert 15: The Wisdom of Patience With Processes Of Life – Achieving Enduring Results In Nigeria Part II Of II

In Nigeria our orientation regarding the concept of Processes, planning and timelines is depressingly poor. With the Leadership of the country, the longest lifespan of any process of plan is limited to eight years, which represents two terms of four years each in office. The next administration will jettison the process and everything else on assumption of office.

The youthful student does not realize the fact that education is a continuous process which requires a constant exposure to the educational technique of the school including reading materials throughout the semester. They ignore the process and timelines then just before an exam, they hope in futility that some improvised plan (which will mostly depend on a divine assistance of mercy) will earn them a good grade.

At work, the inexperienced and half qualified brand personnel who is relative clueless on their service delivery requirements is always ready with all manner of excuses punctuated with polite apologies for not delivering on the specifics of your request. They never realized that service delivery is a learning process with its timelines. It was just all about getting a job and making money.

The livestock farmer can’t wait for the maturity of his stock and would rather flood the market with premature livestock just to make money. The Principles of the processes and timelines required for optimal growth is thrown to the wind. Same goes for the fruit and crop farmer.

Everyone is very impatient to make money therefore things must happen immediately.  The illustrations are so many and we can only make an honest reference of thought to confirm that these observations are true. The ‘get rich quick’ syndrome is feasting on our minds, and it is beginning to infect our youths and children.

Even the simple process of queuing up for any reason can only find success either by the use of force or other incentives of some sort. It is never due to understanding of the concept of the Wisdom of Patience with any process of life.

Little wonder we have collectively been unable to achieve any enduring progress with our development. We seem sadly satisfied with our mediocre progress of snail speed with consoling reminders that since it took the progressive nations centuries to get to their present status, our case should be no different or better.

We blindly fail to realize that if the present level of global development was obtainable at that time; their rate of development would have been compared to the speed of light.

There is every need for a collective realization of the fact that without understanding this basic concept of development, we cannot make progress as a nation or individuals. It is therefore expedient for every single citizen to rise up to the occasion of eradicating this great illusion from our thought process.

It is important that we avoid raising our children with this twisted logic of existence for the simple reason that it will not make our collective quest for a dream Nigeria an enduring reality.

Arise O Compatriots…

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20. Patriot Alert 15: The Wisdom Of Patience With Processes Of Life – Achieving Enduring Results In Nigeria. Part I of II

The life we live comprises an aggregate summation of various Tasks. A Task in computing language can be defined as a process or instance of execution of a program. In this context, a program is the process of steps to be taken in completing a goal. Each step in the process has a timeline which may be short or long depending on the requirement for successful completion of the Task.

There are no shortcuts to these timelines, once a desired end result has been determined. Therefore any short circuits to the original path would simple produce a copy of the intended result at varying representations of the target end. The efficacy of the variation would depend on the degree of deviation from the recommended process path. A higher deviation mostly and always produces a very bad copy.

The paragraph above can be illustrated with the primitive tasks and processes of the life we live. A human pregnancy is that mostly runs for nine months. At the end of the duration of steps involved in this process, a child is born. In most normal scenarios, if this terminal stage of the process of pregnancy occurs prior to nine months or afterward, then something has most probably gone wrong.

A second illustration is the farmer’s trade which is based on processes that depend on time and season. The process of growing certain crops may take a couple of months in the case of Maize, Tomatoes, Carrots and other such crops. Some others may run into several months like Cassava, Yam, Sweet Potatoes, and other such crops. There are other crops that would require processes of much longer periods. Any compromise on duration of the time required for the crops to mature for harvest would produce undesirable results.

Agreeably, though the advent of fertilizers may have created an illusion of reducing the timeline of the process of growing crops, the health tradeoff is found in the slight differences with the profundity of the end-product obtained with fertilizer grown crops and non-fertilizer grown equivalents.

The principle of process and time plays out with our domestic chores at home such as the preparation of various foods. An illustration is preparation of the local Pap, which is a process of soaking raw Maize in water over a couple of days, before it is milled and stored. Its preparation requires soaking with water at boiling point. Another illustration can be found with the popular dish Moimoi. This requires soaking raw Beans in water over some hours, milling the Beans and steaming same in tin containers or wrapped in polythene or fresh leaves. Any short cuts to the two processes mentioned above, would produce something different from Pap or Moimoi.

Clearly, the story of the paragraphs above apply with any segment of life, whether it is with the naturally occurring or man-made segment of life. From the Corporate World of the Desk Office, through to the World of Building and Construction, to the abstract World of Policy generation, Penal correction, and the development of Personal or Social skills and ethics; it is the same principle of processes and time. This is the singular reason the proverbial saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ still finds strength of relevance till date.

With this realistic view and understanding of one of the basic concepts of life, the Progressive nations of the world have thrived in productivity and growth. Policies are planned and rolled out with effective processes and realistic timelines; sometimes decades into the future.

The citizens of those countries understand their roles of responsibility and collectively strive to ensure that timelines are always kept in full view of all participants. The onus of a decent sense of accountability is clearly imprinted on the conscience of each person in order to guarantee success. At the end of the day, long lasting and enduring progress is made through the course of time with further upgrades to development standards which have been successfully implemented.

We need to realize that the present day level of development in the progressive nations of the world which we aspire to emulate here in Nigeria did not happen overnight by an aimless chance of wishful thought.

It is as a collective dedication to a methodical plan of development designed and sustained by a firm commitment to continuity that brought them to the point we enviously find them today. Unsurprisingly, some of these plans were perfected decades or centuries ago. 

It is the Wisdom of their patience with the processes of life, that has consistently enabled the citizens of such Nations achieve the remarkable and enviously progressive status they globally bear today.

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19. Patriot Alert 14: Our Profane Countenance On The Mutilation Of Our Currency In Nigeria.

The three keywords Profane, Countenance, and Mutilation will be defined in the context of this blog episode for better clarity on the subject title and content.

Profane: Grossly disrespectful toward what is held to be sacred. Countenance: The appearance conveyed by a person’s face. Mutilation: A damage that causes disfigurement or that deprives an important member part.

Every nation on earth is defined by a currency which is simply the local money used in a country. The currency notes of most countries in the world bear images of prominent heroes or heroines peculiar to that country; it may also bear significant landmarks or other respectable illustrations which define a collectively accepted symbol of high esteem to the particular nation. In certain instances, the currency of a nation is defined by paper notes and coins.

This blog episode focuses on our handling of the currency notes in Nigeria.

It must be mentioned that the value of a currency note is not determined by any of its physical design features, but rather by other financial mechanics which are beyond the scope of this blog. Suffice it to say that the value of a currency note does not and should not necessarily denote the weight of respect with handling, therefore the attribute of value is not key to this discussion. A single unit of the British Pound note or US Dollar or EU Euros deserves the respect of twenty units of the equivalent currency note.

Decency and respect for the accepted symbol of illustration on a currency note demands a handling of equivalent standard regardless the value inscribed on the note. A secondary yet important rationale bordering on hygiene is another reason for a recommended dignified handling of currency notes. A wallet is the recommended personal mobile housing for currency notes and should be strictly dedicated to this purpose. Experience has shown that any other alternative to the wallet will only guarantee a shorter life span for the currency note.

It is also expedient to point out that currency notes are not printed for free, and a cost must be incurred to generate any single currency note. This means that the frequency of recycling currency notes is dependent on the manner of handling of the notes by the citizens of any nation. A higher recycle frequency connotes more expense on the government institution which bears the burden of funding the recycle process.

Evidently, there are very good reasons why currency notes are handled with pride and care in progressive countries of the world.

The story of the handling currency notes in our dear country Nigeria should not be different. However, there is very little respect for the revered national images and symbols which dot the landscape of all our currency notes.

Some of our currency notes include the now extinct 1 Naira note which had the image of Herbert Macaulay; a noble gentleman considered the founder of Nigerian Nationalism.  The 5 Naira note bears the image of the revered Sir Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa; the first Prime Minister of our great country. The 10 Naira note bears the image of Dr. Alvan Ikoku; a renowned Educationist, Activist, Statesman, and Politician. The 100 Naira note holds the image of Chief Obafemi Awolowo foremost nationalist and statesman who played a prominent role in our pursuit of Independence. Our 200 Naira note has the kind stare of Sir Ahmadu Bello; the great Premier of the Northern Region who also held the renowned title of the Sardauna of Sokoto. The 500 Naira note bears the gentle face of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe the first Executive President of Nigeria.

Our collective handling of our currency notes in Nigeria does not show any iota of respect to the noble figures mentioned in the paragraph above. Their selfless achievements are far more than most of us can dream in a lifetime. Our handling of our currency notes denotes a complete disregard of our sense of national belonging to our country. Our character in this regard underlines a disgraceful stench which bears no single Patriotic undertone.

At social functions, a majority of us proudly trample our currency notes underfoot, in the name of celebrating with money. A very strange culture which leaves the naira assaulted with all manner of unhygienic debris as picked up by our footwear. The same naira notes are usually handled with our hands which may eventually end up in plates of food at the same function. This is a very disgusting trend which leaves a lot of questions regarding our decency as a people.

My imagination cannot comprehend any Briton of rational mind trampling on the British pound with the image of Queen Elizabeth II boldly printed on it. Ironically, it is also certainly correct to assume that the majority of Nigerians, who are guilty of this weird act which presumably typifies affluence, will not drop and dance on top of picture images of treasured relatives.

For the sake of brevity, the illustrations above are enough to buttress the point that with most of us, the noble currency of our great country can be likened to a worthless piece of bare paper. On a daily basis, our currency continues to endure all forms of unimaginable abuse by citizens of the Nigerian nation and no one is held in penal accountability.

There is every need to change the current narrative to something more dignifying and more in line with the tenets of the Creed of A Nigerian Patriot. There is a strong reason to remind ourselves that our currency is a financial extension of the face of our great country Nigeria.

Finally it may help to remind ourselves that assuming it were possible for our past Heroes and Leaders to see our inglorious actions through their faces printed on our currency notes, they would be awfully upset with every single one of us for this brazen act of disrespect; our repayment to them for giving us an Independent Nigerian nation.

Arise O Compatriots…

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18. Patriot Alert 13: The Concept Of African Time – A National Embarrassment

An Embarrassment is the shame a person feels when their inadequacy or guilt is made public. On a national scale, the concept of African time is a national embarrassment of grievous proportions on our noble nation Nigeria. It is a concept brought to bear by the collective decision of a majority of our citizens to be neither sincere nor accountable for their statements most of the time.

It is a concept with the mutual understanding that simply means ‘we all know we are not going to keep to the schedule of this task’.

Most of us seem quick to forget the reason behind keeping to the agreed schedule of the designated task. If it is an appointment scheduled by 12 noon as an instance, you will definitely not see anyone at the venue at the scheduled time. Everyone will deliberately choose to make a casual arrival at varying intervals of lateness. This is the height of frivolity among adults endowed with sound reasoning abilities.

This strange character of immaturity bears several frustrating twists with negative consequences of under achievement in any group endeavor. This fact is very clear in the Courts of Common Opinion therefore we ought to know better. In addition, it completely defeats the essence of the invention of individual time keeping instruments aka watches, clocks, calendars, etc.

The invention and application of time keeping instruments is designed to enable everyone synchronize to any schedule of appointment. It also means that a scheduled arrangement which has been planned in theory can be realized in practice within the time-line scheduled for it.

Our attitude always guarantees that any series of dependent schedules which forms a part of a whole project can never be achieved as planned right from the blast of the starting whistle since no one is ready to keep to time. From the start, the outcome of the task hangs on the uncertain balance of a mediocre attitude we proudly refer to as African time.

Another unfortunate and heart rending reality of this strange decision by a majority of Nigerians to simply be tragically funny is that the younger generation are learning this art from us right from birth; so much so that it has become second nature in their lives.

It is incredibly amazing and sad to often see a group of esteemed Nigerian citizens presiding a meeting which might run into marathon hours; engage themselves through the pains of documenting such meetings; only to deliberately throw each other into a planless state of chaos for the sake of ‘African time’. I often ponder the name ‘African time’ because this behavior seems to be mostly peculiar with the Nigerian nation so we might as well tag it ‘Nigerian time’.

We should not feign ignorance on the reason our index of achievements is very low considering the resources we have collectively expended on various projects in Nigeria through the years. This grave attribute of hypocrisy has taught our subconscious minds that the efficacy of the meaning of words no longer matters.

Little wonder the profoundly rich words of the National pledge has no consequence in our daily lives. Little wonder the melodious call of the National anthem has consistently fallen on deaf ears. Little wonder the words of our prayers carry no meanings with our actions. Little wonder it is becoming more difficult to find a Nigerian who can pledge accountability for their statements. Little wonder we have almost become the most unserious nation on the planet.

The notorious concept of ‘African time’ has evolved into a national embarrassment and must be unlearned by every single Citizen of this country as a matter of great priority. The plain truth is that there is no Nation on this planet where development can survive on such a terrain of hypocrisy and planlessness. This is one of the monsters which has retarded national development with our country in a very subtle manner. Until we choose a collective will to act on changing our current narrative of ‘African time’, the future of our dream Nigerian nation remains very bleak.

Arise O Compatriots….

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17. Patriot Alert 12: Productivity & The Non-Diligence Of A Majority Of Nigerians. Part II Of II

The narrative of a diligent approach to life within the demarcation that defines our dear country Nigeria is simply tear-jerking.

Before delving into this disconcerting issue, there is every need to acknowledge the citizens who have chosen to commit a diligent approach with their contributions to the development of our country regardless the dispiriting lifestyle of the majority.

Top on this list are the citizens of honor who are the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces defined in blog episode 4 ‘A Proud Symbol of Unrelenting Patriotism’. Others include citizens whose picture illustrations were proudly utilized to buttress the points of blog episode 5 ‘Giving A Face To Our Noble Country Nigeria’, blog episode 12 ‘The Nearly Infinite Potentials of The Nigerian Nation‘ Indeed there are several Nigerians who define their contribution to daily life on the platform of diligence however, the numbers are very marginal for a country with an estimate population of 190 million. 

It must be stated in unequivocal and clear terms that the reason behind the popular cliché of most Nigerians that ‘the system does not work’ is simply due to a lack of diligence by the majority of us. It is not due to a curse of divine fate or any remote manipulation by any person of cultist tendencies. In the court of Divine Wisdom, both reasons are simply laughable and ignorantly primitive.

There is no diligence with the Teachers in our schools; half baked graduates are routinely pumped out into the workforce. There is no diligence with our law makers; policies of no relevance are utilized to address serious national issues. There is no diligence with our financial institutions; high denominations and dirty currency notes are what we find in circulation. There is no diligence with our health workers; hospitals are grave yards rather than institutions of health rejuvenation. There is no diligence with our judiciary; serious crimes of corruption are ignored for petty issues of no comparison. Inefficiency is the order of the day, and the entire nation spends its financial resources on mediocrity. The list is endless and gravely disheartening.

A pause in thought would agree with the conclusion that this lack of diligence is the reason for the low national productivity of our nation. There is nothing more or less.

The truth remains that until there is a change in this philosophy of neglect and callousness, there can be no hope of real positive change. An uncountable number of investments have been run aground by this unproductive philosophy of nonchalance and negligence.

Our nation Nigeria is blessed with untold resources which can be likened to the fortunes of the Treasure Island. Our nation Nigeria is also blessed with the support of friendly nations and institutions who have tirelessly committed funds to resuscitate the dwindling fortunes of productivity from time immemorial; however, our lack of diligence has made this dream a bridge too far from reality.

Several fruitless experiments ought to have revealed to all of us that there is no shortcut to the application of diligence in all we do. These experiments which can be termed an aimless exercise in the waste of financial resources ought to have taught us the hard lesson that life is not about an aimless scramble for money, but on the fulfilling principles of diligent productivity.

Productivity we have learned in this blog episode is a function of diligence.

It is time for us to collectively revolt against this philosophy of selfish negligence in our daily chores of existence. It is time for the patriotic minded citizens of our great nation to collectively stand strong and influence the thoughts of the majority on the right attitude. It is only this change in our character of reasoning which can guarantee that our vision of a dream Nigerian nation remains in realistic view.

On these truths and more, I rest my case.

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16. Patriot Alert 12: Productivity & The Non-Diligence Of A Majority Of Nigerians. Part I Of II

Productivity is the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time. It can also be defined as having the power to create. Diligence is the persevering determination to perform a task or carefulness in paying proper attention to a task, giving the degree of care required in a given situation.

A careful observation of the developed nations of the world would reveal that a majority of the citizens are diligent with any task they engage in. In these countries; the citizens dedicate a careful attitude of paying proper attention and getting the best results with any task.

From the citizen occupying the official position of the President, through to the citizens in the legislative houses, or the judiciary, down to the policeman on the streets, the personnel at the power station, the gardener mowing the lawn at public parks, right through to the refuse disposal personnel, at every turn of life; conscientious diligence is on display with the majority. It is no rocket science that such nations are always progressive advances on the productive axis of life.

With such countries, a healthy quantity of products and services utilized on a daily basis within the nation are locally sourced and produced: clothing, consumables, furniture items, building materials, electronics, and more serious hardware.

Such countries may engage in the importation of certain items of necessity, however, they also export their own high quality locally manufactured goods and services. This helps them to earn a healthy income and maintain an economic balance that ensures that issues relating to a recession can only be experienced as a result of an extreme miscalculation of ignorance.

With great pride, such nations of the world are quick to refuse the delivery of substandard products into their country. A heavy frown and penalty would greet any organization or individual who attempts to make such unacceptable introductions.

Diligence of the majority ensures that lifeless systems which are driven by human beings work efficiently.  Diligence of the majority encourages the bloom of an attractive flora of national development on all frontiers. Diligence of the majority guarantees easy connect by the citizens with the patriotic ethics required to sustain the progressive vision statement of such nations.

Diligence of the majority would discourage a desperate mind from nursing thoughts of braving unthinkable odds in a bid to find the comfort of a better life in a foreign land. Everyone understands very clearly, that the grass is never greener on any other side except for where they are standing.

An illustration of this truth can be found with the Afro-American, some of whom may have complaints relating to racist behaviors within their country; however, they can never trade the American nation for another. They have proudly adorned the national flag of their great nation with several global achievements. Mostly, our case in Nigeria is different, and our justification simply ridiculous.

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15. Patriot Alert 11: Fake News – A Treacherous Assault On The Non-Negotiable Peace & Unity Of The Nigerian Nation.

Four keywords will be defined in order to provide character to the direction of this blog episode.

Treacherous: A tendency to betray one’s own. Assault: A threatened or attempted physical attack by an entity which appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped. Non-negotiable: A concept or items which can neither be bought nor sold. Fake: Not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article.

The filth called ‘Fake News’ has become a modern weapon of war in the digital information age of today. It is an art that is gaining popularity with persons of low integrity that defines a complete bankruptcy of decent ethics.  It is peculiar to Persons who owe loyalty only to the mirror image of themselves. This art of treachery is reserved for an unforgivably unpatriotic citizen whose sole intent given the opportunity is to distort the truth by fabricating and sharing false news stories.

For the context of this blog episode we will focus our attention the consequence of the menace of Fake News on our peaceful coexistence within our noble nation Nigeria.

Fake News is a modern adversary of far worse capabilities than the age long rival of our great Nation: Corruption. The devastation Corruption may have achieved in Nigeria in a decade of ten years can be achieved by Fake News in an instant.

If Corruption may be likened to the hand grenade of a nation’s problems, then Fake News may be likened to the nuclear war head of a country’s headaches. The consequence of Fake News on the fabric of a nation is simply toxic to say the least.

Deep meditation will reveal that Fake News can lead to the implosion of a nation more efficiently than any other device of human origin.

A simple truth is that if the altercation described in blog episode 6 ‘Nigeria Vs Corruption’ is allowed to ensure between Nigeria and Fake News, our noble nation will need the prime intervention of our finest Patriots to survive the onslaught. Nothing short of this magnitude and degree would rescue our nation.

For this reason, there is every need to nip the phenomena called Fake News in the bud and send it as far away as possible from the demarcation we fondly know as our country Nigeria.

Fake News is a lifeless concept which is fueled by human beings. It is a phenomenon which has been given popularity by nefarious citizens of our nation.

A pause in thought would convince anyone that an outsider cannot instigate any Fake News of credibility into a family save with the help of a family member. Therefore it should not be rocket science to conclude that Fake News in our country is mongered by severely unpatriotic Citizens who have no regard for any line of the creed of a Nigerian Patriot.

Any effort of national interest designed to expunge the emerging scourge of Fake news in our country, must be subtle enough to carefully and systematically expose the fake attributes of the source of the news and culpable citizens. These despicable citizens should be penalized severely for threatening the sovereignty of our nation to prevent a recurrence. This is not a task for faint minded persons.

It is a task for any Nigerian citizen who can understand the substance of each line of our national pledge without the sentiments of religious, ethnic, or political bias.

This effort of national interest must incorporate a highly objective and non-partisan News Verification System (NVS), which is designed to enable citizens confirm the authenticity of any contentious news item. The NVS of the Nigerian nation is recommended to comprise core membership of reputable and disciplined local media outfits, with ancillary membership of reputable foreign media outfits. Other details of the NVS proposal are beyond the scope of this blog.

The patriotic citizens within the legislative arms of the government must as a matter of urgency, draft laws guiding the introduction, operations and integrity of the NVS in Nigeria.

In addition, the Patriots within the Judiciary system of our Nation must be seen to sincerely penalize such citizens who have been determined to introduce any Fake News item into our nations media space.

A diligent and stringent application of these measures will provide a healthy measure of transparent decency and accountability on the information broadcast by media houses in Nigeria

In conclusion, we have witnessed all sorts of fake news ranging from the absurd to the nefariously mischievous in recent times, and it has become crystal clear that only a collective action of Patriotic gallantry will guarantee that our peaceful national walk toward our dream Nigeria is not interrupted by the treachery of Fake News. A stitch in time, saves nine.

Arise O Compatriots…

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